Disney Hero Nautilus in 1/16th scale!

This project is going to be my crowning achievement in regard to Nautilus models! The hull was obtained from Scott Brodeen, one of the Nautilus community's premier artisans. Years ago he created a model of the Nautilus in 1/16th scale, which is the same scale as the actual filming miniature from the movie.

He recently made one of these vacuformed castings available to me and I've taken possession with the dream of building a fully detailed model of the Nautilus, complete with real brass skin, full lighting, and perhaps even a few interior compartments fully realized!

This will undoubtedly be a long project, but I'll keep updating you as I go. I'm thinking I'll start patching the pieces together this summer and move onto skinning the model shortly thereafter.

Stay tuned!

May 4, 2012

Here are the castings as I received them from Scott. They are thick plastic that has been vacuformed over molds.

This is a MASSIVE model! I'm really excited to start building it!