Watertight Cylinder - Valterra Sewer Pipe!

This WTC was created for a local Nautilus lover that had me build it for his Custom Replicas R/C Nautilus (which you can see elsewhere on my site).

The basis for the WTC is Valterra sewage pipe sections with end caps, which allow for quick and easy access to the internals.

March 18, 2009

I have been commissioned to build a fully R/C version of the Custom Replicas 66" Nautilus for a gentleman out of northern Florida. As such, I've undertaken to build the WTC with simplicity and reliability in mind.

To that end, I've build the body of the WTC from readily available Lexan sections commonly used in R/V sewer pipes! They connect through the use of a wonderful cam-lock system with a really efficient seal. The thing that I love about this is that the WTC will be easily accessible with just a turn of the wrist as opposed to having to carefully work at the fragile lip of a resin endcap. I really think this WTC will be great when done!