USOS Seaview in 1/90th scale by DeBoer

I obtained this model from an estate sale in New Jersey with the aid of an individual up there that brought it to my attention and also shipped the model to me. I'm very thankful for his help.

According to Wikipedia, the USOS Seaview is 567ft in length, which would make this 58" model approximately 1/120th scale. However there have been some fans that have examined the missile section of the sub and determined that the 567ft length is not realistic. Further research led them to believe that the sub was closer to 425 in length. As such, I'll go with the research and say that the boat is done in 1/90th scale.

The kit itself is in alright shape as I received it. There is some damage and a lot of reworking to be done, however the previous owner did do a credible job of starting it for R/C conversion, so I'm thankful for that.

June 22, 2011

I received this model last night and got it unpacked. As I mentioned in the description above, its seem some action and needs some TLC, but overall I'm really happy with what I got. The lights that are installed are incandescent bulbs, and I'll be yanking those in favor of LEDs eventually.

I'll be sourcing a 3" WTC (probably building it myself, actually). The Seaview is very challenging to get to work nicely underwater as the hull is complete fantasy and has a very strong tendency to dive under speeed (not unlike the Nautilus!)

For now, and until I get to building this up, enjoy the photos!