Disney Nautilus - Jet propulsion!

This is a really fascinating incarnation of our favorite submarine. The model was created by a gentleman out of Florida by the name of Tom Yourk and he elected to go somewhat "old school" by using bilge pumps for propulsion, clear RV sewer pipe for a cylinder and old SLA batteries for power.

I've taken this boat under my wing and hope to perform some upgrades and repairs on it in preparation for resale on behalf of the owner. I've seen this boat in operation and it is actually a really good performer. I'm looking forward to getting it wet again!

December 30, 2015

I've only managed to crack into the boat for a few minutes, but my overall impression is that, while somewhat crude, the boat is pretty bulletproof in its design. I think a bit of time cleaning up the interior, adding foam and sourcing new batteries will see it ready for the water once again!