SeaQuest DSV 4600

This page will be dedicated to my attempts to bring to fruition a kit of the SeaQuest DSV from the '90's era television series "SeaQuest DSV".

This model was created by scanning the actual maquette that was used to create the digital files that the SeaQuest was created from for the series, so the accuracy should be nearly perfect.

The master model will be created via 3D printing in sections on my Makerbot 2 3D printer, ensuring perfect translation of digital files into physical model.

Some quick stats on the SeaQuest:

General characteristics
Class seaQuest
Registry DSV 4600
Maximum speed 160 knots (300 km/h)
Fighters Spector Class sub-fighters
Sea Speeder 3 Classes
Auxiliary craft Stinger
Sea Launch Shuttles
Sea Crab
E-Plasma Torpedoes
Plasma Torpedoes
EMP Torpedoes
Torpedo Intercepts
Flash Warheads
Anti-ballistic missile
Propulsion Aqua Return Jets
Power Twin Fusion Reactor using Tritium extracted from sea water
Length 1,007 feet (307 m)

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September 23, 2014

My first try at this model was targeting an overall length of around 36". That's great for a display model, however I am and always will be a big sub guy.

The first version was printed in sections of about 6" length. I did encounter some slight issues with getting each of the sections to match the next as I was not as versed in 3D file manipulation back then as I am now. As a result, I needed to fill and sand a lot of the seams. It still yielded a great looking model, but looking at it from a practical perspective, there is just not enough room to make installation of R/C gear any fun.

I may do two versions of the model, one at 36" and one in the larger format, but I'll need to put some thought into that further....

August 10, 2015

Version 2 of the kit is the larger one. This kit would make up an overall length of around 51", offering far more room for R/C electronics and drive systems.

Again, this was printed in 6" sections on my 3D printer and assembled afterward.

At this stage and as of this morning, almost all of the pieces have been printed and I need to move on to filling, sanding and priming the boat in preparation for molding and casting.