German Type VII in 1/48th scale - Arkmodel

This is the hull of the new Type VII offering from Arkmodel out of China. The model itself is done in 48th scale, which makes it about 55" in overall length.

It is done in ABS plastic and actually has quite good detail, though the details are overscale and do result in a somewhat toyish appearance.

February 27, 2015

I took possession of this brand new kit a few weeks ago. I elected not to purchase the Arkmodel internals in favor of something of my own design down the road.

Overall, I am quite impressed, especially for the price of $270US plus shipping. The details are crisp and clear. Bushings are cast directly into the parts and the parts themselves are very tough and rigid.

As I mentioned above, the details cast into the pieces are overscale, including the rivets and weld lines. This results in a somewhat toyish appearance, though I think this could be toned down with some judicial use of sandpaper.

For now, it will stay in inventory. I really like the size of the boat, and it would make a much more convenient model than the big OTW offering (in 32nd scale).

For now, enjoy the pics of the new hull.