Russian Typhoon in 1:100 scale - Masterscale!

Length : Approx. 574 ft (175 m)
Beam : 75 ft (23 m)
Draft : 38 ft (12 m)
Displacement : 33,800 tons
Propulsion : 2 pressurized-water nuclear reactors, 2 propellers
Crew : 150
Armament : 6 torpedo tubes, 20 ballistic missiles
Maximum Speed : Approx. 27 knots (31 mph/50 kph)

Typhoon submarines are among the quietest Russian sea vessels in operation, being quieter and yet more maneuverable than their predecessors. Besides their missile armament, the Typhoon class features six torpedo tubes. A Typhoon class submarine can stay submerged for periods up to 180 days in normal conditions, and potentially more if deemed necessary (e.g., in the case of a nuclear war). Their primary weapons system is composed of 20 R-39 (NATO: SS-N-20) ballistic missiles (SLBM) with a maximum of 10 MIRV nuclear warheads each.

Typhoon class submarines feature multiple pressure hulls that simplify internal design while making the vessel much wider than a normal submarine. In the main body of the sub, two Delta class pressure hulls lie parallel with a third, smaller pressure hull above them (which protrudes just below the sail), and two other pressure hulls for torpedoes and steering gear. This also greatly increases their survivability - even if one pressure hull is breached, the crew members in the other are safe and there is less potential for flooding.

November 5, 2014

This particular project was obtained from a gentleman who had spend years putting the kit together, however found he didn't have a venue that would allow him to operate it easily.

The care and attention that he put into the build is evident and I took great pride in completing the project for him.

The model came with a 10 channel radio system, TMAX dive system and featured many upgrades over the stock kit including full LED lighting in the dry hull for easy maintenance, magnetic on/off switches for both the receiver and main power, and much more. It also came with a hardwood display base as well as a PVC launch cradle for pondside operation and retrieval.

This model is a true beast and I am guessing it weighs in at around 70lbs. My testing at a local pond proved it to be a great performer on and under the water.

This project has been sold.

Thanks for looking!