Steampunk Submarine in 1/32 scale - The Brass Bass

This is a fun little diversion for me. Unlike most of my work, this is just for me and I can let my imagination go. I set myself a time limit on the buildup so that it doesn't interfere with my commissioned work, but so far I'm really happy with how it's turning out.

The "hull" itself was obtained from a private individual out of the UK that had done up the "terror fish" as a personal project. Immediately I knew that it would make a great Steampunk submarine.

So far I've raided my spare parts bin and used a lot of Nautilus parts and scratchbuilt details. I haven't decided on the final hull color, but it will likely be a really rusty silver color.

The idea for the sub is that it is a salvage vessel designed to dive down and salvage valuables from sunken ships. The owner is an adventurer that is a bit down on his luck. His boat is a mishmash of parts and has seen better days, but it works and he loves it!

I may write a story around the sub if I can find the extra time. It really piques my imagination and I hope it does for you too!

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April 1, 2014

So far I have managed to build up the "bridge" of the steampunk submarine from sheet plastic, spare Nautilus detail parts and some imagination.

I have hinged the lower jaw with the idea that it will open and close, forming a ramp for the pilot to enter and leave by. This sub was envisioned as being a salvage sub, diving down and salvaging downed shipwrecks for valuables, so it needed an easy way to enter and exit and I thought a ramp with an iris portal would be pretty cool.

The boat will have twin brass props and a hinged tail. Hopefully in the end everything will look functional as well as beautiful.

April 17, 2014

I'm happy to report that the "Brass Bass" is very nearly complete.

This morning, I installed the last window, did a bit more weathering and added the lighting switch.

These photos are here to show you the rough finished product. I hope to take some "beauty shots" of it with a nicer background soon and I'll share those as well.

Here are some of the features that I built into the model:

-fully actuating forward fins
-articulating rudder
-moveable propellers
-opening "Mouth" which is the access ramp for the salvage diver
-working iris portal airlock
-fully detailed wheelhouse
-fully detailed airlock
-LED lighting
-easily separating hull halves for access for maintenance and batteries
-working upper hatch

Until I get a chance to post up the better photos and video, enjoy these!