Disney Nautilus model in 1/54th scale

This is a beautiful model that I received in trade for another kit that I had. The gentleman who sent it to me related the following regarding its origins:

" It was done by a model-maker back in Germany as a private commission for a client - a few years ago. My friend did the castings for the model and ended up w/ one extra kit, that he decided to give me as a gift, because he is running out of space. I don't think there are many of these around - maybe 4- 5 or something along that line. The kit is nicely done, but not 100% accurate, from what I can tell at a quick glance. The maker did all the rivets by drilling hoes and inserting pins into the holes - quite insane, if you ask me - but the result is a very regular rivet pattern w/ all rivets being exactly the same size. "

The kit measures nearly exactly 40 inches in length, making it an interesting 1/54th scale overall.

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January 16, 2013

This is really a beautiful little boat, a bit bigger than the 31" kits I'm used to, but a bit smaller than the 48" EFX boats. The quality is actually very, very good! The castings are absolutely clean and free of imperfections. The overall shape feels ever-so-slightly stretched to me, but it actually results in a sleeker, more streamlined boat, which is very cool.

This will build into a wonderful display model, or if the hull is split open, a perfectly-sized R/C model for someone!

I have no plans regarding what to do with it so far, so for now enjoy the photos!

August 28, 2013

I've spent the last few weeks building this model into an R/C craft. It will not be a diving boat, but rather the customer asked for a reliable and fun Nautilus with lots of detail.

To that end, I've built in a nice, sturdy geared motor assembly from an Engel model, paired with a 2600mAh LiPo battery pack. The ESC is a MicroGyro unit. I'd actually installed an MTroniks 15A ESC, but it exploded during bench testing. This is the third of these units that has done this to me, and I've decided that I'm done with MTroniks from this point forward.

The hull access is done via my typical removable ram method. At this point I have cleaned up the seams and its a very clean line between hull halves. The watertight boxes were scratchbuilt and feature a silicone gasket to keep the water out. The clear acrylic tops are held down with four bolts each, finger-tightened. There will be little to no water pressure on these seals, as the access is basically right at the waterline of the boat.

Enjoy these pics for now and watch for more in the very near future!

September 24, 2013

This project has been completed and is on its way to the new owner in Oregon!

The model took a ton of foam to get to the correct waterline, a problem that I created when I mounted too much ballast in the keel permanently. The good news is that there was sufficient room to bring it to the proper height and still allow room for the salon interior.

Enjoy the photos and be sure to check out the video!