US Los Angeles Class Submarine in 1/96 scale

The Los Angeles-class, sometimes called the LA-class or the 688-class, is a class of nuclear-powered fast attack submarines that forms the backbone of the U.S. Navy's submarine force. With 42 submarines of this class on active duty and 20 retired from service, the Los Angeles class has more nuclear submarines in it than any other class in the world. The Los Angeles class was preceded by the Sturgeon class and followed by the Seawolf. Except for USS Hyman G. Rickover (SSN-709), all submarines of this class are named after American cities and a few towns (e.g. Key West, Florida and Greeneville, Tennessee). This system of naming broke a long-standing tradition in the U.S. Navy of naming attack submarines for creatures of the ocean (e.g. USS Nautilus (SSN-571)).

The final 23 boats of the Los Angeles class, were designed and built to be quieter than their predecessors and also to carry more-advanced sensor and weapons systems. These advanced boats were also designed for operating beneath the polar icecap. Their diving planes were placed at their bows rather than on their sails, and they have stronger sails for penetrating thick ice.

Surfaced: 6,082 tonnes (5,986 long tons)
Submerged: 6,927 tonnes (6,818 long tons)
Length: 362 ft (110 m)
Beam: 33 ft (10 m)
Draft: 31 ft (9.4 m)
Propulsion: 1 GE PWR S6G nuclear reactor, 2 turbines 35,000 hp (26 MW), 1 auxiliary motor 325 hp (242 kW), 1 shaft
Surfaced:20 knots (23 mph; 37 km/h)
Submerged: +20 knots (23 mph; 37 km/h) (official),[2] 33+ knots (reported)[3][4]
Range: Refueling required after 30 years[5]
Endurance: 90 days
Test depth: 950 ft (290 m)
Complement: 129
Sensors and Electronic warfare & decoys: WLR-10 countermeasures set[6]
Armament: 4× 21 in (533 mm) torpedo tubes, 37x Mk 48 torpedo, Tomahawk land attack missile, Harpoon anti–ship missile, Mk 67 mobile, or Mk 60 Captor mines (most boats in service as of 2011 have a 12-tube VLS)

I purchased this model with the hull completed but with no electronics. It is a hull made by Matt Thor and it is in 1/96th scale (about 45" long).

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October 17, 2012

I took possession of this hull last week. It is absolutely beautiful and is representative of the USS Greenville, a "Flight III" version of the LA class subs that saw the dive planes relocated from the sail to the bow, a reinforced sail, and a new, sturdier propeller, all of which were designed to aid in penetrating the ice for polar operations.

The hull is in great condition, however I have had to rework the rear linkages as they were not operating reliably.

I have set up a 2.5" diameter Caswell SubDriver to house my electronics, leaving lots of room for flotation when I need it.

I'm hoping to have this model completed within 30 days (business trips are clogging my calendar for the next month) and once I do, I'll post up more videos and photos!

In the meantime, enjoy!

December 27, 2012

The model was completed and, unfortunately, sold so quickly that I couldn't get photos of it. Best of luck to the new owner!