USOS Seaview in 1/128 scale by Moebius Models

This project was commissioned by a great guy out of Mexico who has always loved Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

This is Moebius' static plastic model in 1/128 scale that I will convert over to full R/C operations thanks to a Caswell SubDriver pioneered by Dave Merriman.

The model itself is very well engineered and lends itself perfectly to R/C access. Its a great size.. big enough to have presence on the water and be easy to work on, but small enough to carry and make retrieval from the pond or pool very easy.

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December 27, 2011

This project officially commenced this weekend and I'm hoping for a quick build (with fingers crossed).

I started by assembling the main hull sections. Fortunately, the kit is designed so that the front and back halves of the boat fit together with a sleeve system that makes insertion of the WTC very clean and easy. The upper rear section will be made removable so as to allow access to the linkages and running gear.

I've started to run the wiring for a full LED lighting system, which will obviously include full lighting for the control bridge. I was not going to include it at first, however the level of detail is astounding, so it would be a crime not to include it. This area will be free-flooding so as not to impact trim in this smallish boat.

Plans for the next few days include completing the wiring and completing the hold-down screws and fittings for access to the model. Internal bulkheads will need to be created to house the WTC.

January 11, 2012

More progress! I've got the control cabin completed and the flying sub is fully assembled and painted. It will attach itself to the hangar bay with strong magnets.

The NiMh battery pack is complete and a connector for the lights has been added to the end bulkhead of the WTC.

Working right now on getting the linkages finished up. The rear planes and rudders are complete and I'm onto the forward planes now!

May 18, 2012

This project was officially completed about a week ago. Wet trials went very well. An issue that I had with the original WTC's motors delayed the build by more than a month between diagnostics and getting a new unit in to replace it, however it appears that it was all for the best.

The model now features a LPB system (low pressure blower) that requires no liquid gas to operate. I ballasted the model slightly positively so that if power is lost underwater, the model simply surfaces. At the surface, a hollow mast provides fresh air for the ballast tank through a little air pump. While a bit on the slow side, it works great!

Be sure to check out the video, as it shows a lot of how I made the model work better than photos could ever do.