German Type VII in 1/40 scale (U995)

This kit is done in 1/40 scale (66" overall length), making it about 16" shorter than the OTW Type VII kit that I had done earlier this year.

The manufacturer is a company called Schaeffer, whom I assume is now defunct as this kit was manufactured back in the 1980's. A bit of research turned up the fact that Schaffer sold this kit to Eden Model Submarines in the UK sometime prior to 2000.

Despite that fact, it is in amazing condition. I was fortunate enough to obtain this from a European modeler. It includes a Dream Arts conning tower, which is much more detailed than the stock Schaeffer tower.

The model was created as an R/C hull, and features a dry hull with a very interesting access system.

April 12, 2011

Here are some photos that I took this morning of the model as I unpacked it. The gentleman that I bought it off of did an excellent job, and nothing was damaged in the slightest.

I'm amazed at the comprehensiveness of the kit. Everything that you need to build the hull is there, unlike the OTW build that I did earlier this year which required a lot of scratch building, especially in the area of the conning tower.

At 66" in length, it is a beautiful size, easy to handle and transport. I'm very much looking forward to building her up. Until I do, enjoy these photos of the kit!